Our Services

Bore Piling (Civil and Building)

Since its inception, Alpha Focus’s main line of business has been in bored piling. From underpasses to overhead bridges; multi-storey condominiums to MRT stations, Alpha Focus has been in involved in a diverse range of civil and building contracts that require the need for foundation works. With well-known projects such as the Duke highway in Malaysia or the SAFTI MI bridge in Singapore, Alpha Focus prides itself on being able to help facilitate their clients needs at a reasonable cost. This is done through design change recommendations or efficient application of manpower and machinery.

Machinery and Equipment Rental

Supporting various contractors in the construction industry Alpha Focus has a range of equipment and machinery available for rental. With a fleet of crawler cranes, boring rigs and vibrodrivers, Alpha Focus provides its clients with a choice of machinery to fit their working needs. Crawler cranes ranging from 30 to 100tons, boring rigs from 15 to 36tons and vibrodrivers from 3 to 9tons, allows clients to have a pick of the lot to find the machinery or equipment that best suits their needs. With our own in-house team of mechanics, Alpha Focus can also ensure that any rental machinery that encounters any problems will be immediately and effectively dealt with to cause the least amount of inconvenience to the client.

Sole Agent of Casagrande and PTC equipment and machinery

In line with our primary business, Alpha Focus has also partnered two well-known and trusted brands in the industry. Casagrande from Italy and PTC from France have teamed up with Alpha Focus and made us the sole agent for their machinery and equipment within Malaysia and Indonesia. Casagrande is a world-class manufacturer of drilling equipment: piling and drilling rigs, equipment for diaphragm walls, geothermal drill rigs and grouting plants while PTC is a world leading company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of pile driving and soil improvement equipment.